The Ruminant Podcast, Episode 3: Part 1 of 2 on cover-cropping on a small scale

This took a bit longer to get out than I'd hoped. But here it is: part 1 of 2 on the use of cover crops in small-scale farming and gardening. My guests are Dave Bradbeer, Agroecologist with the Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust in Delta, British Columbia; and Alan Sundermeier, professor and extension educator with Ohio State University.  Anyone who has a bit of experience using cover crops on a small scale--ie., in smaller fields and gardens without the benefit of tractor-mounted seeders, or even in garden pathways--or has thought about using them should find this interesting. Alan and Dave are both frighteningly knowledgeable on the subject and in the interview they give a lot of good advice for species selection and management of cover crops.

In part 2, due out in a week or so, I speak with Alan, Dave, and a third guest, Helen Atthowe of about the specific idea of cover-cropping your garden pathways and then turning them into your garden beds after a year or two. Stay tuned.

And by the way, the podcast is available for download in iTunes. I haven't figured out RSS yet. And that download option in the media player is just faking you out. No downloading to be had by clicking on it.