The Homestead's Coldframe/Germination Chamber

This past summer I salvaged some shelving units that Home Depot was getting rid of. I'm using one for storage, but I decided to convert the other one to a cold frame to start and house seeds. I'm a terrible (terrible) carpenter, so any time I can avoid having to build something from scratch, no matter if the starting structure is unsuitable for the purpose intended, and for all the time spent ham-fisting and cursing my way to an unlevel, misshapen dog's breakfast of a DIY nurseruy project I could have earned a wage to pay for a proper set-up, I'll go that route. Anyway. I finished it today. Here are some photos. I apologize for the poor formatting in this post. These are the shelves I salvaged from a big box hardware store nearby.

'Renovated' them to serve as a cold frame for seedlings and, on the upper shelving, a sort of germination chamber using heat mats.

The heat mats were placed on the upper two shelves atop some sheets of insulation and under some poly film to protect them. The rest of the space is filled with seedlings in soil blocks. The nursery tent gets natural light and a couple of horticulture lamps hang from the roof of the tent.

A closer look at the heat mats. The cords run out to a thermostat anchored on the outside of the cold frame.

Pictured: the small shelf I built inside to hold the space heater I use to heat this cold frame

Out of focus I know...these two doors come right off for venting and watering purposes.