e.40: Three Québécois Farmers Share Three Great Ideas for Your Farm

In this all-Quebec episode, I talk to three exceptional Québécois farmers, each with a good idea for your farm. 

First: Dan Brisebois of Tournesol Farm and a great book on crop planning explains how to include yoru employees and apprentices in a year-end debrief that will help you improve your farm management. 

Next, Philippe Choiniere of Oneka Farm talks about the vital importance of branding to your farm business. He talks about the evolution of Oneka's branding and how the newest version has dramatically increased sales. Check out the slideshow just below.

Finally: Jean-Martin Fortier, author of The Market Gardener, talks about how tarping your garden beds is excellent for weed control, and can dramatically reduce the need for tillage and increase your soil's microbiome. He also talks about a ew project he's working on that's pretty exciting. It's called Growers & Co., and it's going to make it a lot easier for market gardeners and other farmers to find great tools and apparel for their work. 

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