e.45: Whole Grain Mindset: Give Those Old Wheat Varieties a Chance!

Monica Spiller has devoted much of her life to promoting the health benefits of a whole grain diet, with a specific focus on whole grain wheat bread. 

In 2000, she founded a non-profit organization called The Whole Grain Connection, which aims to help farmers and gardeners access, test and grow heirloom varieties of wheat. Why? In this interview, Monica explains why modern, commercial wheat varieties kind of suck if you're interested in nutrition and taste, and why a rediscovery of older varieties of wheat could be so good for food security.

Monica also provides some advice on getting started with producing wheat and other grains on your farm or in the garden. She says it's easy to do, and no space is too small. 

Monica also co-authored a book on this subject, with her husband Gene. It's called What's With Fiber?

I was inspired to contact Monica after reading this article about her at a cool site called Lucky Peach.