e.57: All About Rotary Plows

The Berta Rotary Plow is the focus of this episode. It's a really handy soilworking attachment for market gardeners. One of my guests, David Mazur-Goulet of The BeetBox, has a great tip for building raised beds with the plow that are nice and even. 

My other guest, Scott Humphries, has shared a photo of a bed marker he rigged up for his rotary plow. You can find it below.

After that, in another installment of Ruminant Do's and Don'ts, I tell you why you shouldn't use a forced air heater to heat your greenhouse in the Winter. What's a forced air heater? See below.

I tried using one of these babies for my nursery. It did not go well. I describe my experience in this epsiode of the podcast, in another installment of Ruminant Do's and Don'ts.