e74: Green Garlic, Easy Cut-Flowers, Keeping Birds Dry When It's Wet

This week: over-wintered crops like green garlic, some easy-peasy cut flowers to try out, and a tip for keeping pastured poultry dry and warm when it's wet and cold. Plus: TCOG co-editor Amy Kremen joins me to talk about updates to the Canadian Organic Standards.

Every other episode (starting now!), The Ruminant zooms in on practical tips for the farm or garden. 

Guests today:

Hermann Bruns of Wild Flight Farm
Jessica Gale of Sweet Gale Gardens
John McAuley of chickenpeople.com and Healthy Hens Farm
Amy Kremen of The Canadian Organic Grower Magazine

Source: http://www.backyardchickens.com/t/450147/s...