Roll out poly and remay by yourself!

Submitted by Sasha of Earthculture farm in Sweden

At ALM I learned to roll out new row cover by putting long-handled tools in either end of the tube that it was rolled around, and setting both ends on wheelbarrows. I had done this successfully also with silage plastic, but as it's so heavy needed three people - two to hold the wheelbarrows and shovels steady, and one to pull the plastic out. Now I don't have strong wheelbarrows or three people, so I tried using pallets and garden rakes instead and was able to do it by myself, yeah! It was a 30x14m piece, and I think I could even do one a bit bigger. 

1. dig trench or set out weights around perimeter of field to be covered
2. set up two pallets on the edge of the field where you with to start. If any wind, set up at the side it's blowing from (best on a day with no wind though). Make sure height will allow the plastic to roll freely.
3. slide a long-handled garden rake in both ends of plastic roll.
4. anchor the tines of the rake on the pallets, with the pallets as close to the roll as possible (to avoid excess strain on the rake handles)
5. roll out the plastic, then unfold and anchor one edge at a time. If there's any wind, start from the side it's blowing from.
See photos below. 
Thanks for your awesome site Jordan! Happy farming :-)