e83: Pasturing your Pork and Selling Flowers to Florists

This ep, Lydia Carpenter of Luna Field Farm on Landscape Scale Hog Management. Then: flower grower Jessica Gale of Sweet Gale Gardens returns, this time to talk about selling flowers to florists and into the wedding industry. 

The image featured with this episode was grabbed from this greeting card website.

Also: below are a couple of pics from Seth of Amistad Farm. He's playing around with cutting his cover crops like hay, drying them a bit, then using them for mulch on certain crops. Pictured are his mowed crop, and the same crop once he raked it up...he wanted to show that he got a pretty decent harvest of the mulch. More to come...maybe? It's up to Seth. From his email:

"Turned out I didn't get to rake the first cutting of mulch due to weather and more pressing priorities. So, secondary growth got it to a point where I needed to cut again, which I did. I let it dry two days and then raked yesterday. I'm quite pleased with how much I amassed in such a small area (1/8 acre). See pics. Time wise it took me an hour to rake into a windrow that 1/8 acre. As you'll see in the pictures I tried the landscape rake behind the tractor but it wasn't as effective as the 30" bed prep rake. After the rain we're getting Monday I'll be placing the mulch on the tomatoes and peppers I have planted and then seeding that area to summer cover for hopefully more mulch mid summer. The mulch contents are what I planted in the fall of Johnny's Fall Green Manure Mix which got to about 3' tall and was heading out when I first mowed.