The primary aim of this site is to allow and encourage farmers and gardeners to share their techniques and tools via photos with descriptions. On these categories pages you'll find posts devoted to specific techniques and tools.  Each contains photos submitted by readers.  The database only improves when readers submit! Please consider doing so.  You can email me at or use the form on the submissions page.

Farm Glance: Yummy Yards' Chicken Coop

This post: Emi Do of Yummy Yards shares a few ideas for reducing labour in the chicken coop.

Farm Glance: Yummy Yards' chick brooder/greenhouse bench

This post: Yummy Yards Farmer Emi Do conserves space by brooding chicks under her greenhouse bench

Farm Glance: Claremont Ranch Organics' mobile chicken coops

This post: yet another approach to mobile chicken coops.

Farm Glance: Starting seeds in the desert

This post: Enda Weigel shares photos of her greenhouse and solar oven, and a few techniques she uses for great seed germination.

Farm Glance: Abundant Acres' light yet sturdy mobile chicken coop

This post: Abundant Acres' very mobile, very Russian chicken coop

Farm Glance: Katie's Nursery/Tanning Salon

In this post: Katie shares her approach to lighting her nursery and increasing her moth collection.

Farm Glance: Blackbird Organics' Mobile Chicken Fortress

This post: Corey Brown of Blackbird Organics shares his Gimli-approved mobile chicken coop design

Farm Glance: When Livestock Goes Camping

An unplanned camping theme permeates this post, which features a couple of farmers' approaches to housing their animals.

Farm Glance: David Bunnett Family Farm's poultry houses

This New Brunswick farm mainly produces pastured beef and poultry.  Featured in this post are some of the designs David Bunnett and family use to make their system work.

Farm Glance: Lost Creek Farm

In this post: David Desmond's cell-pack plugger and a brilliant system for warming large quantities of seed trays