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e.49 Regenerative Pasture Cropping with Colin Seis

This episode: Australian farmer Colin Seis talks about the system of no-till pasture cropping he helped develop that allowed him to resurrect a 3000 acre farm on the edge of destruction and turn it into a thriving example of truly regenerative agriculture.

e.46: Ruth Genger on Growing Great Potatoes

This episode, Ruth Genger, a researcher with the University of Wisconsin in Madison Organic Potato Project, joins me to talk about the finer points of getting your potato production off to a great start.

e.45: Whole Grain Mindset: Give Those Old Wheat Varieties a Chance!

Refined flour is killing us, argues Monica Spiller, who has devoted much of her life to sourcing and distributing the heirloom wheat varieties that were bred to make tasty, healthy bread.

e.38: Carol Miles on Small-scale Dry Bean Production

This episode, WSU extension specialist Carol Miles returns to talk about dry beans and why they could be a good bet for your farm.

DIY Seed Winnower

This post: The Farmer's Filmanac shares a simple seed winnower developed at The University of British Columbia.

Convert a Leaf Shredder/Wood Chipper into a Grain Thresher

This post: the universe wanted me to share with you these plans to convert a chipper/shredder into a grain and bean thresher.

Farm Glance: The Homestead's Makeshift Bean-Shelling Technique

This post: a short video demonstrating The Homestead Organic Farm's makeshift approach to shelling edamame beans.

Farm Glance: Busy Bea's Garlic Curing Stand

In this post: yet another handy way to cure garlic effectively

Farm Glance: garlic curing strategies

This post: a couple quick examples of effective ways to cure freshly harvested garlic.

Farm Glance: Tricks for speeding germination and seedling growth

In this post: numerous techniques for improving/speeding up veggie, herb, and flower seed germination.

Farm Glance: Hope Seeds Part 1

This post: Andrea Berry's ingenious seed-scooping spoons, perfect for measuring seed in a hurry