The primary aim of this site is to allow and encourage farmers and gardeners to share their techniques and tools via photos with descriptions. On these categories pages you'll find posts devoted to specific techniques and tools.  Each contains photos submitted by readers.  The database only improves when readers submit! Please consider doing so.  You can email me at or use the form on the submissions page.

A Mobile Hoophouse Design For Me and You

To accompany the conversation with Hermann in podcast episode 85

e.77: Smart High Tunnel Management

Adam Montri on the finer points of incorporating high tunnels into your market gardening. 

I built a 24'x81' hoophouse for $1500

So far, so good.

e.57: All About Rotary Plows

In today's episode we discuss the Berta Rotary Plow's usefulness for creating a
better soil environment and increasing per foot yield. 

e.50 Build Your Own Vacuum Seeder

Here's a great submission from a podcast listener: build your own vacuum seeder!

DIY: a cheap, good-enough walk-in tunnel

Here's a super cheap design for a walk-in tunnel that is very portable.

Farm Glance: Roots Up Farm's DIY Hoophouse

This post: Ian Hart of Roots Up Veggie Farm submits his DIY Hoophouse project.

Farm Glance: Green City Acres' Winter Production

This post: Curtis Stone of Green City Acres, a bustling SPIN farm in Kelowna, BC, shares a few shots of his winter production methods.

Farm Glance: Starting seeds in the desert

This post: Enda Weigel shares photos of her greenhouse and solar oven, and a few techniques she uses for great seed germination.

Farm Glance: Homestead Farm's Real Basic Cold Frame.

This post: a simple design for a cold frame to harden off seedlings before they go in the garden.

Farm Glance: Katie's Nursery/Tanning Salon

In this post: Katie shares her approach to lighting her nursery and increasing her moth collection.

Farm Glance: Waxwing Farm's rocket stove-type greenhouse bench

This post: How does one heat a nursery when he's off-grid? Dave Hastings built his greenhouse bench with a rocket-stove type heating system.

Farm Glance: our own, cheaper take on making Johnny's High Tunnel System mobile

With this hoophouse design, we've achieved a 45', mobile walk-in hoophouse system that can be carried anywhere on the farm by two people.

Farm Glance: Ripple Farm's DIY Hoophouse

In this post: Moss Dance shares her design for a simple, affordable hoophouse.

Farm Glance: Herrick Kimball's Whizbang Rowcover Hoop System

In this post: Herrick Kimball's do-it-yourself take on a row tunnel system for growing veggies under cover.

Farm Glance: Benjamin Bountifield’s Greenhouse Design

In this post: Eric Simons and Philippa Mennell's design for their seed-starting greenhouse.