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Essay: On Losing One's Bearings

It's possible to make so many changes to your farm business that you have no sense of how things are going whether for better or for worse. 

"All Farmers Deserve to Make a Living!" Are We Sure About That?

Some recent high-profile articles written by farmers have lamented the crappy economics of farming. But we're not all struggling. One question many such articles fail to ask: is it possible that some farmers aren't making a living because they're not very good at farming?

BC to further restrict use of the word [redacted] in the marketplace

The BC Ministry of Agriculture recently proposed legislation that would limit the use of the word organic in the marketplace to farmers who are certified organic

Too Many Rockstars, Not Enough Concerts

As a modifier, is 'Rockstar' just a sexy advertising hook? Or does it reveal something about the aspirations and attitudes of the demographic it's meant to hook?

The dishonest farmer, the dancing Black Widow, and way too much cole slaw

For the 2014 farming season, one of my farmhands also happened to be a professional photographer. He took lots of great shots. Meanwhile, I maintained a weird journal for the whole season. The results are combined in this post. 

There's Magic in the Air...

In which I take the piss out of myself...and provide some advertising tips

As an Organic Farmer, I choose Certification

It's a tricky issue. But here's why I think you should certify your organic farm.

A Fairy Tale, Retold

Two of the three little pigs were misunderstood. They weren't lazy; they had no tenure, man!

Essay: On the Origins of Celery

"But at the moment when I made the connection between the celery and its growing environment, I began equating vegetable consumption with the notion of putting my mouth directly into the soil."

7 Ways Farmers Justify Crappy Compensation for their Apprentices

A former apprentice and soon-to-be apprenticeship host suggests that farm apprentices, on average, aren't compensated enough, and shares his ideas for improving their lot