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A review of Verge Permaculture's The Salatin Semester, and a conversation about vacuum seeders and soil blocks.

Craig LeHoullier on growing epic heirloom tomatoes

In today's episode we discuss the Berta Rotary Plow's usefulness for creating a
better soil environment and increasing per foot yield. 

Veteran farmer Chris Blanchard built a thriving culinary herb business on his Iowa Farm, and thinks you can, too. In this episode Chris makes the case for focusing on herbs, and discusses the proper sourcing, and subsequent propagation, of herb cuttings. 

This post: Yummy Yards Farmer Emi Do conserves space by brooding chicks under her greenhouse bench

This post: do you use soil blocks in the nursery? Here's the best method I've found to work with delicate mini-blocks

This post: Jordan Marr takes a perfectly good shelving unit and "fixes" it. Now he has a rickety coldframe/germination chamber.

This post: Curtis Stone of Green City Acres, a bustling SPIN farm in Kelowna, BC, shares a few shots of his winter production methods.

This post: How does one heat a nursery when he's off-grid? Dave Hastings built his greenhouse bench with a rocket-stove type heating system.

In this post: numerous techniques for improving/speeding up veggie, herb, and flower seed germination.

Dale Ziech of Little Creek Gardens near Kelowna, BC has developed a cheap and easy way to increase soil temperature in his hoop-house beds when it counts.

In this post: How Don Tipping of Seven Seeds Farm in Oregon makes his soil blocks for starting seeds

In this post: David Desmond's cell-pack plugger and a brilliant system for warming large quantities of seed trays