The Ruminant welcomes submissions for both its Farm Glance and Book Review sections.  Submissions can be sent to  Or, if your photo(s) are already posted somehwhere online, use the form below to send me the image url.

Guidelines are as follows: Farm Glance: Ideally the technique or innovation you're interested in sending us can be well-represented by photos.  Farm Glance is meant to be a picture-based blog, so please aim for brevity with your accompanying captions.  And please include the name of your farm and relevant farmers if you so desire.  I'm very eager to share your ideas and techniques, so don't be shy! And no approach, technique, or tool is too ordinary. We all do things differently, and the aim is to place different approaches next to one another so that readers can see how others are doing things.

Book Reviews: I can't imagine that you all will be lining up to submit book reviews, but if you would like to write a review about a book on any aspect of agriculture I would love to receive them!  Guidelines will likely evolve, but for now please try to keep your book reviews to less than 800 words.  Books need not be newly released--I plan on covering books both old and new.

Once again, the submissions address is Thanks!